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Our school is currently looking to hire enthusiastic, highly driven, and motivated teachers to join our Team.

Current Vacancies  

“Al Ittihad National Private School applies a high Quality curriculum that program as successfully from KG through to senior classes and orientates students learning into efficient outcomes that meet and integrate both national and international standards.

INPS combines achievable standards, a range of assessments, and college preparatory courses. The American programs used to prepare students to succeed in universities worldwide. Through their school years, students acquire the knowledge and skills that enable them to navigate in the modern world.Harcourt programs are used in grades KG through 6 for teaching Math. Science and English. The curriculum applied for grades 7 to 12 is a hybrid between Holt , Mc Grawhill and other American curricula. As the students embark into grade 11, they are offered 2 streams science or business whereby the subjects English , Arabic ,Islamic studies, Math ,chemistry , and physics are compulsory.

Subjects taught in Arabic include Arabic language, Islamic studies and national studies are implemented according to the curriculum provided by the ministry of education. Activities at INPS include Physics Education, Information Technology and Art which are taught in the medium of English. Life skills program is also implemented in daily practices for students at INPSAA. This program aims at instilling in our students the spirit of culture and the respect to heritage.IT teaches our students how to preserve their heritage and become better global citizens.

 We search for the best educators to join the INPS-AD. Incoming faculty and staff members are supported by our Human Resources Department through pre-employment, immigration and induction processes. We have in place a comprehensive in-house training, and orientation program which allows new faculty to effectively navigate the challenges that come with moving to a new place. Support and consultations are provided at every step of the process. 

INPSAA focuses on continuous professional learning. Ongoing Professional Development of our faculty and staff is valued, encouraged and celebrated.  Our teachers are fully supported in their professional development and encouraged to embrace opportunities to improve their teaching.  

How do we select?

We are committed to provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants. Our recruitment team selects the best candidates. We screen carefully to determine which applicants are the most qualified for the position. The INPSAA follows all applicable employment laws in the UAE.”