“A generation of heritage guardians and global thinkers”


The mission of INPS Al Ain is to provide a nurturing learning environment which motivates students to develop and exercise essential leadership skills for the 21st century.  Our programs promote lifelong learners who display self-discipline, the ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams, display tolerance and acceptance of others, whilst encouraging them to become global citizens who stay true to their heritage.


Heritage Guardians

Global Thinkers



Team Players


Life-long Learners


  • To educate and prepare a generation of exceptional leaders that can cope with the challenges of an ever-growing global market, while respecting and conserving their cultural and religious heritage.
  • To foster academic achievements, positive attitudes and values, a growth of a strong self-image and respect for others through the dedicated efforts of professional staff, a well-designed curricula and extra-curricular programs.
  • To promote quality, equality and equity. 
  • To encourage students to master the skills necessary for them to function both as individuals and as members of a group.
  • To offer a variety of courses within the disciplines of Math, Science, and Humanities.
  • To recognize that each student has unique needs and abilities and to provide remedial programs that meets their needs.
  • To create a safe, warm, caring and respectful environment that provides a supportive climate for learning